Group Pricing FAQ

Corporate Accounts

Who is the group option designed for?

This option allows a company to purchase courses at a discounted price for multiple users who want to receive CEs for a training. Each user will have their own login and be able to watch programs independently.  If  registered  users choose to view the program together, this is available by logging in as one of the users.  However, to claim CEs, once the program concludes, each individual must login to their individual account, complete the evaluation and print out their CE certificate. 

Note: If the person purchasing the trainings (the admin) would like to take a course, they must add a user account for themselves.

Setup Process

How do I setup a corporate account?

You will need to first setup an account on this site.  Your Trauma Recovery/HAP volunteer login will not work with this site.  To create an account, click the “login” link on the top-right of the page and then click on the “sign-up now” link. The first and last name of the account should state the name of your company. Once your account has been created, email  stating that 1. You created an account for your association and 2. You would like to be an administrator for other users. The name of your agency and approximate number of users must be included in this email.  In addition, please state that “you have selected the CE credit option for agency accounts.” You will receive a response from BizVision that you have been setup as an account administrator. This will give you the ability to add users onto the agency account and assign courses to these individuals after purchase.

How do I add a user to my corporate account?

·          For new users-

When you login to the agency account it will take you to “My Dashboard”. From there, click on “My Corporate Users” and then fill out the account registration form information. All information must be filled out.

·          For existing users-

Under the “My Corporate Users” section on your account, click on “Corporate Member List”. Once on that page, there will be a box for you to enter the email address associated with the existing account. The box will auto-fill as you type, so once you find the correct email address, click on the email address that auto-fills, then click “Add User”. That user will then show in your Corporate Member List.

Purchase Process

How do I purchase and assign courses to multiple users?

Click “Home” to access the course catalog. Add the course to your cart, and then change the quantity to the number of courses you want to purchase; you will need to purchase a course for each user who will view the course. Click “Proceed with Checkout” and it will update the subtotal. You will then be taken to the “Assign Purchases” page where you will see a number of drop-down boxes under the title Recipient. Click on the drop down arrow on each course and assign it to the individuals you are registering for the course. When your purchase is complete, each individual, as well as the administrator, will receive a confirmation for that course.

How does pricing work?

For 2-4 users- 5% discount off total purchase price

For 5-10 users- 10% discount off total purchase price

For 11-20 users- 15% discount off total purchase price

For 21+ users- 20% discount off total purchase price

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