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Healing the Heart of Complex Trauma and Dissociation with EMDR and Ego State Therapy – Carol Forgash, LCSW

Length: 10 Hours

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Produced 2014

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This course is designed for licensed mental health
clinicians who have completed an approved EMDR Basic Training. Completion of an EMDRIA Approved Basic EMDR Training Course is recommended. Only EMDR trained clinicians can obtain EMDRIA Credits.


This workshop will present a Cross Training model: the cutting edge integration of EMDR therapy, trauma informed phase oriented therapy, and ego state therapy in the treatment of highly traumatized clients. A major focus will be the exploration and negotiation of the extensive preparation phase that is often required to safely build up stabilization, affect and dissociative symptom management skills, and the therapeutic relationship, prior to the actual trauma processing and desensitization phase of EMDR treatment.

Participants will be taught how to weave these methods into EMDR treatment to help complex trauma clients develop appropriate internal and external boundaries and acquire skills to promote affect regulation. Having established these prerequisites, participants then will learn how to use this cross training model for successful EMDR reprocessing.

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Workshop Objectives: 

EMDR therapists will learn:

•The fundamentals of trauma informed phase oriented therapy

•The fundamentals of ego state theory and practice

•How to integrate EMDR and ego state therapy in the treatment of trauma

•To select and evaluate the specific phase preparation interventions that precede Phase 4-7 of the EMDR protocol with challenging clients

•Develop specific stabilization strategies to help clients manage and reduce dissociative symptoms and manage affect

•Acquire new advanced techniques and interweaves that promote resolution of trauma symptoms, within the EMDR protocol

Sections Covered:

Introduction to Complex Trauma and EMDR Treatment
Core Issues in Complex Trauma with Case Example
Dissociation with Case Example
Ego States and Ego State Therapy
Diagnosis / Assessment History Taking
Treatment Planning Overview
Stabilization phase
Introduction to Integrated Treatment
History Taking
Treatment Planning Overview
Introduction to Parts and Orientation
Dissociation and Affect Management Strategies
Centering and Grounding Exercises
Back of the Head Scale and CIPOS
Grounding/ Relaxation and Soothing
Constructive Avoidance
Reassuring the System
Establishing Readiness for Processing
Questions: Working with adults and children
Establishing Readiness for Processing
Trauma Reprocessing 1
Trauma Reprocessing 2
Reconnection and Mastery
Demonstration: Parts work/ trauma reprocessing 

Presented By:


Carol Forgash, LCSW, BCD

Carol is an internationally known lecturer and consultant on the integration of EMDR and Ego State work and psychodynamic treatment, the treatment of complex PTSD, and the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) legacies on the health and mental health of survivors. In 2015 she was invited as a Plenary Speaker at the EMDR Europe Conference, and a Co-Presenter, with Jim Knipe at the EMDRIA Pre-Conference Day. Carol is the co-author and co-editor, (with Margaret Copeley) of Healing the Heart of Trauma and Dissociation with EMDR and Ego State Therapy (Springer, 2007), which has been translated into Italian and French (2015). She is a Facilitator for EMDR Institute Trainings. She has a clinical and consulting practice in Smithtown, New York where she provides treatment utilizing EMDR and Ego State Therapy for complex PTSD, general psychotherapy, health issues, and performance issues. is the provider of Continuing Education credits. For current approvals go to

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